Why your Church should partner with Brydges

Special Discounts


Annual Week-long Mission – BRYDGES pays up to 50% percent of all costs, not including transportation, for each attendee.

Bible Jeopardy – Partner churches participate in Bible Jeopardy free. On-partner churches pay a $50 registration fee.

Leadership Training – Partner church members receive training on leadership development and youth ministry of equal or better quality to that offered at conferences that would require registration fees of considerable costs.

Annual Camp Higherground – Members of partner churches register at a significantly lower rate (up to 20%) than non-partner church members.





Partner churches can receive guidance on seeking funding and launching Community-based ministries.

Continuum-of-Care Model – Partner churches receive a free copy of the Continuum-of-Care Handbook. The Handbook gives step-by-step guidance on how to set up and operate a child, youth and young adult ministry. Partner churches will receive free training and hands-on assistance in setting up a seamless youth ministry that serves children youth and young adults on a continuum.

A supportive network for youth ministers and workers

Exposure of your young people to a larger group of young people who are also excited about serving the Lord.